About me…

I’m an ambassador for healing through writing. Writing poetry and memoir has allowed me to reconcile traumatic experiences and work towards healing and growth.

I’ve had what some may say is a colourful life, and I’ve certainly enjoyed life despite the various setbacks and obstacles. It’s been a meaningful journey and there is still so far to go! My blog posts cover a variety of topics based on my life.

I spent six years as an escort or sex worker and detail some of my sex work secrets and experiences, both good and bad on these pages. I have no regrets about this work, it was a valuable part of my growth and development, it was also extremely funny, interesting and often moving.

One of the major themes of my blog is addiction and recovery. I explore the events and circumstances that I feel contributed to my addiction, and detail the lifestyle and culture I was living. I’m not a pro drugs person, I’m also not a Just Say No to drugs person, I accept that drugs have been used throughout the ages and will always have a place in society. I want to reduce the stigma around drug use and addiction, the more awareness and understanding about why people become addicted the more we can reduce the harm that people do to themselves, others and society.

We need to consider our language around drugs and addiction, I strongly dislike the term ‘clean’ as it implies that when using drugs a person is somehow dirty, and for those like me who have faced trauma words such as dirty and clean have added meaning and are not conducive to positive self-image. Anyone who has achieved recovery will appreciate that stopping drug use is only the start of recovery, the real work is to find new ways to manage the emotions and feelings that were previously handled with substances.

I’m available for the following:

– Public Speaking and Motivational Talks

– Interviews and Q&A Sessions

-One to One Consultancy and Coaching

-Poetry Recitals and Workshops on Writing to Heal

-Consultancy For Agencies (Trauma, Mental Health, Substance Misuse, Domestic Violence, CSA, Sexual Trauma, Criminal Justice, Education and Housing)

-Content Writer for Hire

– Recovery Hope Sessions (Online, telephone and in person) Appointments for those struggling with recovery, to ask questions, explore concerns, resolve ambivalence and explore recovery options.

If you’d like to explore any of the services listed please get in touch using the form below.

I’m a big mix of contradictions and inconsistencies, navigating extremes and reconciling conflicts. I’m in the process of human rewilding, on a path to reclaim what was lost through childhood abuse and trauma, to support and manage my mental health, and most importantly to honour my essential needs. I was forced to deny instinct as a child, now I must reconnect with these energies.

I’m many different things but right now, I’m a writer and poet, a social researcher. I’m a survivor of abuse in various forms ; physical, emotional and sexual. Writing gives me a space to express the horrors, it provides a voice I was denied as a child.

I’m an introvert and believe in the power of solitude to nurture creativity and to support self-discovery. I’m someone who continues to struggle with depression and trauma, and I use writing and mysticism in nature to manage these conditions.

I’m a mystic and intuitive, and of course, I’m a proud dog companion and general lover of all things nature and beast. I walk to heal, walking is meditation in movement, it provides a space for mindfulness and allows me to connect with my authentic self.

In the past I’ve trained in various methods and interventions including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Life Coaching, Counselling, Mindfulness, and Group Work Practice, including drama, mask work and interactive play based methods. I always work creatively, spiritually and therapeutically, and believe you can’t separate these processes, they complement each other, and we must attend to all aspects in our search for wholeness and balance.

I practice mysticism in nature, and use shamanic journeying, working with elementals, crystals and aromatherapy, rune stone guidance and creative journaling as tools for resilience and growth. My aim is to share my journey through life and the various approaches and methods that have supported me along the way. I realise now that most of my life was spent striving to be more, to do better, to be something I’m not. Through Human Rewilding I’m learning to attune to my innate needs and to be more comfortable with who I truly am.

I’m also a person who has struggled with mental health issues my whole life, and at one point would’ve likely been diagnosed with personality disorder or bipolar if I’d entered the mental health system early on in life. I’m a survivor of trauma and abuse in various forms, much self-inflicted in adult life as my hyper-sexuality led me astray, and I do suffer with some PTSD symptoms. I’ve been addicted to heroin and since overcome that dependency, I’ve also had issues with other substances throughout life.

I’m a creative, a writer, and an explorer. I love the natural world, I know myself there. I’m an introvert who lost her way by becoming extroverted in a bid to fit in and find acceptance, I have now found that for myself and no longer need to pretend, I hope my work can help others to find the same.

I will be posting regular journals entries exploring the last ten years, my journey to overcome childhood trauma, sexual abuse and addiction. I hope these will reduce the stigma attached to drug users, addiction and those with mental health issues. My aim is to show the power of the journal and how writing can be used as a tool to support self-discovery, mental health and overall wellbeing.

I write poetry to manage feelings associated with trauma and mental health, I find it easier to write about the horrors, rage and pain through poetry, it has become my space to share without restraint, to allow all the parts of me to have a voice, a place for the darkness to transform and integrate. Check it out, available on amazon.

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